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Refining  Performance  and  Wellbeing


AEST is a specialist sports therapy practice that focuses on refining performance and facilitating optimal rehabilitation in horses using manual therapeutic techniques and physical therapy. The mobile practice was set up by Isabelle Anderson BSc, EEBW, AHPR and is based in Essex, however, she does cover surrounding counties.

AEST offers a holistic, in-depth, evidence-based service to help clients reach their goals; whether they be rehabilitative, competitive or simply to maintain their horse's musculoskeletal health.

In order to offer such a holistic service, AEST works closely with veterinary surgeons, farriers, dental technicians, saddle fitters, instructors and other (para)professionals that clients may include in their routine.

All horses and ponies benefit from regular musculoskeletal maintenance...


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Equine Sports Therapy

Manual Therapy

AEST uses a variety of soft tissue techniques and passive exercises to address dysfunction in muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. These techniques also support the lymphatic and nervous systems of the horse. When used regularly, manual therapy has been shown to reduce pain, resolve spasms, improve posture and flexibility, increase joint range of motion, reduce swelling and improve behaviour.

Anderson Equine Sports Therapy

Physical Therapy

A range of exercises are applied during sessions and are also provided in a home-care plan to give clients the tools they need to develop a healthier, stronger horse between sessions. Exercises range from core recruitment exercises, polework, in-hand & ridden movements as well as active mobilisations and stretches.

Biomechanics & Functional Anatomy

Manual and physical therapies are strategically applied based on comprehensive biomechanical and anatomical knowledge of the horse's musculoskeletal system. Every horse's history is taken and movement is assessed to ensure each horse's session is tailored to their needs and their body. Asessing movement also allows AEST to acknowledge and address dysfunctional movement patterns before they manifest into pain and pathology.

Anderson Equine Sports Therapy
Anderson Equine Sports Therapy

Therapy Packages

We believe people who invest in their horse's musculoskeletal health deserve to be rewarded. That's why we offer a variety of yearly therapy packages to suit your horse and help you save. Package members can receive discounts on sessions, travel fees and rehabilitation services. All members are given 24-hour support, 365 days a year.

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