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Anderson Equine Sports Therapy

"We all have the horse's best interests at heart and by working together we can formulate targeted, effective rehabilitation plans that can adapt as the horse progresses." - Isy

Isy Anderson


1st class BSc (Hons)

Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

EQ50 and EQ100

Level 3 Diploma

Equine Care & Management

Level 2 Diploma

Equine Care & Riding


The British Equestrian Trade Association's Thesis of the Year 2021


Registered under the Animal Sports Therapy & Massage sub-group

Isabelle Anderson (or Isy) has been involved with horses since childhood. She always knew she wanted a career in the equine industry and decided early on that she wanted to contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of horses. She had taken a keen interest in equine rehabilitation during her time studying for level 2 and level 3 Diploma in Horse Care and Management. Upon completion of these qualifications, she was offered a scholarship from Writtle University College which led to her enrolment onto their BSc (Hons) Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation course.


During her time at Writtle, Isy studied a variety of modules including, but not limited to, equine pathophysiology, research methods, exercise physiology, functional anatomy, therapeutic techniques, sports medicine, nutrition and parasitology, biomechanics, massage and remedial exercise and equitation psychology and philosophy.​ Isy wrote her dissertation titled "Owner Satisfaction with Rehabilitation Practices for Chronic Sacroiliac Pain in Equines in the UK since the year 2000" after developing a particular interest in sacroiliac issues. In October 2021, Isy made the finals of BETA's Thesis of the Year award where she gave a live presentation and Q&A to a panel of judges. All finalists gave an amazing presentation but Isy is pleased to say that she was awarded TOTY 2021.

Isy also committed to over 320 hours of study and taught practicals with Equinenergy® (Equinology®). After completing the EQ50 and EQ100 courses, Isy is a Certified Equinology® Equine Body Worker (often denoted as EEBW).

Isy regularly attends CPD events and reads academic journals to ensure she is able to provide her clients with the most relevant information and apply the most effective treatments.

Isy is continuing her academic journey by studying for an MSc alongside manageing Anderson Equine Sports Therapy so that she may expand the practice and provide an even more comprehensive service for her clients.


The Equinology® Approach was developed by Debranne Pattillo, MEEBW and is a unique, holistic approach to bodywork that incorporates a variety of soft tissue techniques with a focus on scientific reasoning and comprehensive anatomical knowledge. Equinology® is internationally recognised. The UK division is known as Equinenergy Ltd®.

The Thesis of the Year award recognises and rewards excellence in undergraduate study. Universities and colleges offering equine-related degrees throughout the UK and Ireland were each invited to submit one entry. Submissions are whittled down to a handleful of dissertations which are then presented to a panel of judges live.

“The Equine Thesis of the Year Award is a fantastic way for us to mark the extremely high standard of undergraduate study that is being produced at our universities and colleges,” said BETA executive director Claire Williams. “There is some incredibly impressive research taking place and some exciting and diverse ideas, which will certainly give our industry – and equestrians – plenty of food for thought."


Isabelle Anderson is registered with the Animal Health Professions’ Register under the animal sports therapy and massage sub-group.

Isabelle Anderson is registered with the Animal Health Professions’ Register under the animal sports therapy and massage sub-group.

"The aim of the register is to raise standards in the industry and assist animal owners and veterinary surgeons in ensuring that the professionals they use to assist in the treatment and health maintenance of their or client’s animals are suitably trained and accountable. All registrants have achieved an industry recognised appropriate standard of training through externally accredited courses, comply with Continuing Professional Development and hold full, valid professional indemnity insurance as required by the wider industry."

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