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TOTY 2021 Award

Isy wrote her dissertation titled "Owner Satisfaction with Rehabilitation Practices for Chronic Sacroiliac Pain in Equines in the UK since the year 2000" after developing a particular interest in sacroiliac issues. In October 2021, Isy made the finals of BETA's Thesis of the Year award where she gave a live presentation and Q&A to a panel of judges. All finalists gave an amazing presentation but Isy is pleased to say that she was awarded TOTY 2021.

"I really poured my heart into my dissertation as I'm so passionate about owners, paraprofessionals and veterinarians developing healthy relationships and working closely to benefit our horses. We all have the horse's best interests at heart and by working together we can formulate targeted, effective rehabilitation plans that can adapt as the horse progresses." - Isy


Along with the award pictured above, Isy received a small cash prize and a write up in Horse & Hound magazine.

The judging panel was headed by research consultant Dr Georgina Crossman with equine nutritionist Katie Williams, vet Karen Coumbe and Equestrian Trade News editor Liz Benwell.
“The standard of dissertations submitted this year was very high, and the finalists really brought their research to life through their presentations,” said Dr Crossman.  
“As a judging panel, we felt the finalists were all excellent ambassadors – articulate, intelligent and with a passion for their subjects."
“Isabelle Anderson’s dissertation was well structured with a clear research method, and her presentation highlighted the need for shared decision making when considering horses with chronic sacroiliac pain.”

Claire Williams, BETA executive director, said the quality of work put forward bodes well for the future of the equestrian industry.

"Owners have such a huge influence on equine welfare as they often dictate day-to-day management so I think making research as applicable and as accessible as possible is vital to help them make the best decisions for their horses." - Isy

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