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"My clients are always my biggest focus" - Isy


Sports Therapy Sessions

Each session is appropriately tailored to your horse. The bodywork element generally consists of massage, active and passive stretching, isometric and isotonic exercises to improve athletic performance. Each session is followed up with a 'maintenance' regime for you to carry out. These are designed to fit around your current routine to ensure your horse continues to perform his/her best between sessions.

Duration: Approx 1.5 hours                                        Price: £45

Anderson Equine Sports Therapy

Wellness & Relaxation Sessions

Consisting of a full body massage and some stretching, these sessions can really enrich your horses routine and improve their general comfort. Each session is tailored to your horse with the end goal being a happy, comfortable and relaxed horse.

Duration: Approx 1 hour                                        Price: £35

Ridden Assessments

Ridden assessments can reveal a great deal about your horse's musculoskeletal health and movement patterns. During ridden assessments, I can see how the rider influences your horse's way of going, compare that information to your horse's in-hand movement and static assessment, and thereby establish a more detailed analysis of your horse's musculoskeletal function enabling me to advise specified and targeted physical and manual therapies.

Duration: 20-30 mins + usual session duration           Price: £10

Work Desk

Rehabilitation & Performance Plans

Rehabilitation plans can be produced for your horse's unique situation. These plans are strategic, in-depth and evidence-based to give your horse the best chance of recovery. All plans are discussed and finalised with your registered veterinary surgeon. If necessary, plans are also discussed with your farrier/ saddler/ nutritionist/ instructor/ any other (para-)professional involved in your horses routine.

Duration: various                                     Price: £ various


We believe people who invest in their horse's musculoskeletal health deserve to be rewarded. That's why we offer a variety of yearly therapy packages to suit your horse and help you save. Package members can receive discounts on sessions, travel fees and rehabilitation services. All members are given 24-hour support, 365 days a year.

SILVER Package.png
GOLD Package.png

Becoming a package member means exclusive perks and priority booking.​

Other discounts may be available for multiple horses at the same address.

If you would like to become a package member or have any queries please get in touch or see FAQ's.

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